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UNspecified Interviews Coval

Dawn from UNspecified interviews Shannon from Coval

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This is the third in a four part blog series. Here are direct links to the other parts:

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Dawn: Hey Shannon! Tell us what you are currently working on.

Shannon: Hi Dawn, I’m currently working to integrate UNLOQ login and signup into the demo client for Emblem Vault. UNLOQ provides a service that enables our applications to have a “Passwordless” login along with other multifactor security features. For many months I’ve been working on the base framework that we will use to build Emblem Vault. Over the past few weeks I’ve been building a simple web application to illustrate the end to end features for Emblem.

Dawn: Okay, so … what? What is “Passwordless”?

Shannon: Passwordless authentication is a type of authentication where users do not need to login with passwords. This form of authentication totally makes passwords obsolete. With this form of authentication, users are presented with the options of either logging in simply via a magic link, fingerprint, via a request delivered by email or text message or push notification.

Dawn: Aha! I get it. I’ve seen this from Slack. Tell me about the demo client. How does the user flow through this sample application?

Shannon: The demo client is a simplified version of what will eventually be our Emblem Vault Mobile client. Let me say first that this demo client is not meant to do anything other than provide a simple way to test the generation of emblem vaults, the transfer and claiming of vaults.

Upon visiting the client for the first time, you will be asked for an email address. You will then be provided a link to download the UNLOQ client on a mobile device. Once you complete the registration process, you will find yourself on a page with a wallet address and the option to create a new emblem.

Upon creating a new emblem you will find a new emblem entry, expanding this listing you will be able to see a list of funding addresses that this emblem contains.

You can now do other things with the emblem now that it’s been created like sending or claiming.

Dawn: Got it. Tell me what makes you most excited about how the Emblem Vault will change how the cryptocurrency community do things now.

Shannon: The thing that excites me the most is how, by tokenizing a wallet we create the ability for 2 users to swap tokens of completely different types, which reside on totally separate blockchains in a nearly trustless way. I’m excited to build a product that solves problems inherent to blockchain interoperation, privacy and scaling in an elegant and simple way.

Dawn: How do you plan to get there?

Shannon: I’m glad you ask, I’m often asked for roadmaps and release dates and I’d like to address our path to success. Michael Sullivan and I talked for a few years about the things we wanted to build and began to realize that the layers for what we wanted aren’t built yet. So we experimented and consumed and theorized. Next we took an opportunity late last year to begin development on the framework we needed to build the applications that will power the future.

Our first goal was to rough out a base framework to be used. We strongly believe that bringing new technologies to market requires a bridging of old technology and new. We realized that what we built would use traditional technology along with new decentralized and cryptographic technology. Since we would not be creating something brand new like ZCash or Ethereum, we would rely heavily on transparency and testing rather than math proofs or yellow papers.

Keeping this in mind, early in the development process we began working with our Development and Testing Partner: UNspecified, LLC.

Dawn: They are the BEST! I have heard of them before ;)

by Dawn Code

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