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UNspecified + Blockchain

A combination years in the making

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This is the first in a four part blog series. Here are direct links to the other parts:

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People have been testing software for as long as people have been writing software. Software delivery has gone through many “revolutions’ over time, from the earliest dedicated teams of those with the official job role of ‘Tester,’ through long, formal, detailed documents like IEEE formatted Product Specifications and Test Plans, and working into automation and “Agile” practices. Testing, specifically, has taken many forms -- manual testing, test automation, performance and load testing, security, hacking, usability, etc. Some "revolutions" in software have changed the face of testing -- the internet, the cloud, continuous integration and delivery, machine learning and AI ...


Dawn Code has tested software for almost 20 years. She earned a BS in computer science, but her first love is genetics. She likes that her understanding of genetics compliments computer science. Genes are expressed with a four letter alphabet, and all computer languages are based on a 2 letter alphabet (0 and 1). Each use just those base letters to form expressions of increasing complexity. Think of how our English alphabet spells words, and words are used to form sentences, and sentences come together to form paragraphs. More and more complex concepts can be defined, and in turn composed to express even more concepts. But they are all composed of the same characters from the English alphabet.


Enter blockchain.


When Dawn first heard about blockchain technologies almost 6 years ago, it made absolutely no sense to her. Her husband, Shannon Code -- ever the fringe technologist and futurist (and occasional ancient alien theorist) -- was pumped about what he saw coming. Bitcoin was exciting, but he was more excited about the possibilities for the blockchain technology behind it. Many evenings were filled with discussions about blockchain, what it meant, and Shannon’s vision for the future.


Dawn clearly remembers the first time she osmosized enough to grok what the heck Shannon was talking about. He had just written this blog post, and she decided to read it and try to actually follow along. Aha! With a few questions, Dawn recognized she had learned more during the Codes' many evening discussions of blockchain than she had realized (thus "osmosized"). She may have gotten a little too excited during the scene in Silicon Valley where Richard describes his technology as both everywhere and nowhere to a roomful of potential users.


Dawn is co-founder of UNspecified, and offers products to optimize the software delivery process and level up quality. UNspecified is exploring applications of machine learning to software delivery pipelines. UNspecified is currently developing a comprehensive quality program for a blockchain-based platform, and implementing strategies for the unique challenges and opportunities blockchain introduces to software delivery.

by Dawn Code

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