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UN sponsoring Women in Blockchain Event at Cryptolina

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At this year's Cryptolina, UNspecified will be sponsoring a special networking event to highlight Women in Blockchain!

This event will highlight several successful women whose careers have brought them into the blockchain space. As you may have heard, the ratio of women to men in the blockchain space is far lower than even tech and software in general. We don't want or need to debate why, or where the imbalance starts, or whose fault it is. We just want to highlight some fabulous women who are currently working in the space and loving it!

Our goal is to connect women to thought leaders in this space to inspire, collaborate and encourage each other. UNspecified aims to disrupt the status quo, and this topic is no exception. Blockchain is still in its infancy, and the possibilities are endless. Diversity of thought is absolutely necessary in an industry as hungry for innovation as blockchain. With this event, we hope to empower the connections necessary for innovation.

The event will be casual, taking place in a breakout room on Friday the 15th from 5:30-7:00pm. We will rotate through slides that highlight people in the room, with their picture and some highlights of their experience. We will also include slides for women who could not attend in person, but are willing to network, encourage, and empower others remotely. We will have reception refreshments available, and possibly a game/giveaway just for this event!

Will you disrupt the status quo? Hope to see you there!

Not sure you can make it to Cryptolina? Considering it, but have some reservations? Interested in participating in this Women in Blockchain event? Interested in participating, but know that you can't be in person at the conference? We have several opportunities for participation, and for making attending the conference easier. Please contact Dawn Code at for more info.

by Dawn Code

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