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UN Presenting BTC Prediction Algorithm at Cryptolina

Applying ML to global data in order to predict closing price of BTC

· blockchain,machine learning,conferences

UN's own Dawn Code will be giving a talk about BTC price prediction at Cryptolina.

The company has implemented a project that gathers hundreds of pieces of information from around the globe, including financial data, political data, war fatalities, and headlines, and applies machine learning algorithms in order to predict BTC closing price for any given day. This method yielded a preliminary model that can predict the daily close price of Bitcoin for any day since August 16 2010, with a predictive accuracy of 98.25 percent - AND with room to improve.

Quote the lead developer of the project: "When people say that Bitcoin is too volatile to be predictable, they are patently wrong. They just didn’t think to look at things like military engagements in the middle East, the performance of the stock exchange in Japan, and EU embargoes on Libya =)"

Find out more about Cryptolina here! Then, register for Cryptolina here to attend this fantastic conference and specifically, this presentation. Dawn's talk will be on the morning of Saturday, June 16th.

On the day before the presentation, the algorithm will predict the price of bitcoin for that day. Stay tuned to find out how well it does!

by Dawn Code

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