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Emblem Joins the Warp Institute as a Strategic Partner

We wanted to share some exciting news for Emblem.

Over the past few months, we have been working with The Warp Institute to “make the future happen sooner”. That happens to be their mission and we think it’s great. It’s also great that Emblem is going to help with a strategic partnership we are announcing…right now!

What is Warp?

Warp Institute was founded by former member of the Swedish parliament, Mathias Sundin. Mr. Sundin was the first politician to run a successful campaign solely on bitcoin. Realizing how much good is happening around the world and the negative general view on emerging technology (AI = Killer Robots!), he founded the Warp Institute to bring optimists and technology together in a global community. Through that community, Warp can bring knowledge and capital, both human and financial, together to advance the potential of technology in order to solve big problems.

AWESOME! What about Emblem?!

Emblem will be part of the core Warp platform, enabling global crowdfunding, payments, and proof of participation, and making it easy for small and large communities alike to advance causes. Being able to see Emblem help launch rockets into space, work on clean energy solutions, bring food and housing to needed communities, and more, is an incredible opportunity. That aligns with Emblem’s goals of making blockchain and cryptocurrency easy and accessible to everyone.

What next?

Behind the scenes, we are working closely with the Warp team to build and launch the right initial solution while mapping out the long term plan. We plan to launch in early 2020 and encourage everyone to get to know Warp – it’s a great organization that will bring a lot of value to the world (and coval holders…!).

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