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Importing wallets made easy

The Emblem Way! We are making importing as easy as signing into Netflix on your TV

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Balancing security and privacy with simplicity is really, really HARD. I once had a lot of trouble because I had a phone with Google Authenticator on it, and it got busted. Like, fell off the roof of a car while showing off the acceleration of a Tesla busted. Well, I had a well-known crypto wallet on there that required 2FA, using my Google Authenticator app. I got a new phone, but obviously none of my 2FA transferred over. I was locked out of my crypto wallet for days as I went through customer service.

Then there are 12 word mnemonic phrases. Okay, these are supposed to make things easier for users to have access to their same wallet from device to device. Ever lost that little piece of paper you wrote it on? Maybe it got chucked with the stack of junk mail, or maybe you hid it in *the best* hiding place- one so good that you can't find it now. Me, I have a whole bunch of screenshots of them scattered through various places, but they are hard to organize and label in ways that I can decipher later.

In the Emblem App, we have written a feature that makes importing any individual vault so easy, your grandma can do it.

We modeled it off of common authentication patterns for signing into services on devices like Smart TVs.

Take Netflix. You open Netflix on your TV, and it asks you to log in. Who wants to type their full email address and password on that screen, using just the remote control buttons? It seems like hundreds of button presses. Instead, they say "Go to this web site [and they keep it simple, like], and enter this code [followed by a 5 or 6 digit code of letters and numbers. 6 isn't too bad, right?]".

Exporting a vault is simple. You just need to enter an export password and click a button. The output is a 5 character string.

In the Emblem app, just go to the Import page. On that page, enter both the password and the generated code and click Import. Done and done!

The Emblem ecosystem is striving to make all blockchain activities easier for everybody. We know that the concepts underlying blockchain are deep and technical, and that we should be able to use the features that make blockchain revolutionary without needing to understand the complexities of cryptography (and other technical details). This is how we will get to mass adoption, and UNspecified plans to drive that with the Emblem Ecosystem, one feature at a time.

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