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Blockchain Projects Are in Need of Full Software Delivery Services

The Wild Wild West is maturing and evolving

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Blockchain. The buzz is everywhere. Just about every industry is scrambling to integrate something blockchain into their offerings. The whole world watched as the price of Bitcoin made an insane climb and everyone wanted in. We heard stories of ICOs raising hundreds of millions of dollars in days, and companies like Long Island Iced Tea doubling their stock by changing their name to Long Blockchain Corp.

In late 2017, a Deloitte analysis of blockchain projects found more than 80,000 projects on GitHub, with an only 8% survival rate(1). Blockchain was the Wild Wild West and lines of code were bullets flying all over the place.

Products built on blockchain and based on cryptocurrency platforms were released into the wild, and some of them became popular. We at UNspecified noticed rather early that there was one very blatant thing missing from most of those projects: any kind of smooth user experience. Many applications could only be used by power users, and getting small tasks accomplished often took multiple tries, even by those with experience. Almost every application we got our hands on was wrought with buggy behavior.

Our team has deep knowledge of clean code, modern architecture, continuous integration and delivery, cloud platforms, and containerization. Our combined decades of experience tell us that applications that are unstable, unusable, and buggy upon release are often backed by teams that are very developer-heavy, with less focus on testing, architecture, and delivery. Sometimes, especially in the early stages of proving a product's viability, that makes the most sense.

But at some point, when the product has proven to have viability and it's time to run with the big dogs, the clear next step is to ensure that the entire delivery pipeline is in place to support continued development and rapid deployment. Products that explode can only survive if they are capable of scaling on demand. Decentralized applications must be secure and users must trust that their information is safe and will not be lost.

What we offer our ideal client is the ability for them to continue focusing their developers on innovation. We work with existing development teams to harden their system with a full delivery pipeline in order to be ready for full, enterprise-level production release. That is our specialty.

by Dawn Code

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