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You’ve been watching the Circuits of Value project for years, checking on Shannon Code’s tweets and Medium posts. You’ve felt the disappointment of a promised launch that did not happen, and you wondered if it would ever happen. Or maybe you just found out about it and are like DUDE HOW CAN I GET IN EARLY NFTS ARE THE NEXT BIG THING IN DEFI.

Welcome to 2020, baby!

We are absolutely ecstatic to be announcing the release of Emblem Vault, blockchain’s FIRST composite token. What does this mean? This means that you can stick an entire portfolio of tokens (like, a whole wallet, even on different blockchains!), into a single NFT token and transact the whole portfolio as a single token.


We’ve modeled the interface off of popular defi products, and in fact, this exact one was forked right from Engineering Lead at Uniswap, Noah Zinmeister’s Hypertext project!

Please head to to read more about the features of a vault and the token that birthed it, Coval.

Come join us on Telegram to join in on the fun!


You made it to the bottom so check this out! We are doing a giveaway! Everyone who retweets THIS POST in the first 2 hours will enter for a chance to win one of our giveaway vaults!!!

Wanna see what you might get? Check these out! Launch Giveaway #1, Launch Giveaway #2, Launch Giveaway #3, and Launch Giveaway #4

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