• What We Do

    Utilizing our combined decades of experience, we intend to disrupt the status quo for what it means to improve quality.

    Blockchain... not just a buzzword

    Combining our years of experience in blockchain with our extensive background in the software testing industry, we can help you make sense of the unique challenges involved in delivering a high quality blockchain based platform or application.


    See some of our specific activity in this space in this UNspecified + Blockchain blog post.

    The Anti-consultants

    We offer services that will improve quality through modern software development, testing, and delivery practices. We are not your typical “consultants”. We are craftsmen (and women) who believe in beautiful, clean, maintainable, robust software delivery. Our goal is to work ourselves out of a job by building on your team’s existing talent, elevating their skills in order to unlock their potential to disrupt the status quo.

    Let's be friends...

    We are looking for members of the human race that share our passion for quality to partner with as we develop products that apply machine learning intelligence to the output of the software delivery process. Machine learning can identify risk- whether it is in the source code, test coverage, or overall process- much faster than a human being, while increasing accuracy and frequency.

  • UNspecified News

    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations. Keep up with our progress!

    February 23, 2018 · blockchain,testing
    This is the first in a four part blog series. Here are direct links to the other parts: Part 2: UNspecified's first partner: Coval:  http://www.unspecified.life/blog/unspecified-s-first-partner-coval Part 3: UNspecified Interviews Coval: http://www.unspecified.life/blog/unspecified-interviews...
    June 12, 2018 · blockchain,machine learning,conferences
    UN's own Dawn Code will be giving a talk about BTC price prediction at Cryptolina. The company has implemented a project that gathers hundreds of pieces of information from around the globe, including financial data, political data, war fatalities, and headlines, and applies machine learning...
    June 1, 2018 · blockchain,conferences
    At this year's Cryptolina, UNspecified will be sponsoring a special networking event to highlight Women in Blockchain! This event will highlight several successful women whose careers have brought them into the blockchain space. As you may have heard, the ratio of women to men in the blockchain...
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  • Meet Our Team

    Our team combines experience with passion, creativity, and dedication. Our team works together in a Google for Entrepreneurs Tech Hub, the American Underground @Main. We believe in modern software development practices and collaborative and supportive environments.

    Dawn Code

    Dawn Code has been described by some people as the "most passionate person" they have ever met. She identifies as an explorer, following the lead of fun and interesting technologies.

    She is a lifelong learner who often deep dives into cross-functional topics, finding the 10,000 ways to "not invent a light bulb", eventually working her way into fully 'grokking' it.

    Her professional career began in bioinformatics, which allowed her to marry her 2 "first loves", genetics and software. This began a journey from test manager, through full-time developer, into the agile space as a national speaker, through security and blockchain spaces, and most recently founding a startup focusing on blockchain, machine learning, and AI applications.

    Her current role with startup Unspecified LLC encompasses her love of applying cutting edge technologies to age old problems, and allows her to fully immerse herself in applying modern software development practices, such as clean code and continuous delivery, to innovative projects in blockchain and machine learning/AI technologies.

    Spencer Horn

    Spencer grew up in Southern California just two miles from the ocean where he spent any free time he had at the beach; mostly in the water. His first love was the ocean but as he grew a bit older a new passion emerged - technology. In his early teens he had a dedicated phone line installed in his room to run a BBS and practice ANSI art. Later he discovered HTML and began developing web pages for small companies in the area. He had a strong appetite for information that was only temporarily satiated by learning something new.


    Now as an adult, that curiosity and hunger is still very much alive. There are so many things he wants to learn, and just not enough time in a day to learn them all. He has a habit of jumping from technology to technology, with that said his current interests include, blockchain, machine learning, and automated technologies.

    Thomas Roper

    Tom has over 20 years of experience as a technical team lead, enterprise architect, and developer. He gets excited building and scaling software delivery teams to reliably and sustainably succeed.


    Tom has developed software delivery pipelines with stringent regulatory requirements. He has managed software development teams, technical operations teams, and organizational changes to remove the distinction between the two (DevOps).


    For Tom, application of cutting edge technology is most rewarding. Tom has developed NLP, multi-agent, and machine learning solutions. He’s developed solutions for distributed emergency response coordination, early stage pharmaceutical screening, clinical trial data management, and workflow management.


    If you’re into karaoke, Tom wants to hang out with you. Ask about the best karaoke in the RTP area and he’ll hook you up. His 5 year goals include working in a space with a dedicated Rock Band gaming area.


    At UNspecified LLC, Tom applies his experience building technical teams, to help others apply state of the art technology and best practices to their own software delivery pipelines.

    Tim Fredette

    "A computer lets you make more mistakes faster than any invention in human history - with the possible exceptions of handguns and tequila." - Author Unknown


    Tim Fredette grew up in almost the middle of nowhere, Bellingham, Massachusetts. He spent much of his youth tinkering with and playing on computers as well as learning to code from his father.


    After graduating college, he moved to Raleigh, North Carolina, and began to work full-time as a software developer for two years. Tim then transitioned to a new role, Test Automation Engineer.


    At UnSpecified, Tim meets the needs of clients by driving quality throughout their existing processes. His passion is providing valuable insight into tools and techniques to make testing a breeze and fun at the same time.


    In his spare time, Tim can be found hiding in a dark corner playing whatever computer game has caught his attention. Watching his favorite e-sport Starcraft. Causing story time shenanigans in whatever pen and paper RPG he is playing with his friends. Or working on whatever crazy coding project he has gone off the deep end with.

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