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    Utilizing our combined decades of experience, we focus our talent on applying modern, high-performing software delivery to products that are trying to solidify their presence and increase stability, maintainability, and scalability.


    Our clients are looking to take an existing project idea or project in early development and bring it to a full enterprise-level offering. We clean up architecture, wrap tests around existing code, apply our "container-as-build-steps" automation to build a full delivery pipeline, and make the product available on the cloud, with full security and auditability.


    Our years of experience in blockchain, combined with our extensive background in software delivery, helps you make sense of the unique challenges involved in delivering a high quality blockchain based platform or application.


    We offer services that improve quality through modern software development, testing, and delivery practices. We are not your typical “consultants”. We are craftsmen and women who believe in beautiful, clean, maintainable, robust software delivery. Our goal is to work ourselves out of a job! We augment your team’s existing talent by elevating your team's skills, empowering YOU to disrupt the status quo.

    Platform Architecture

    Our team has deep experience with modern app architecture and blockchain platform architecture and development. Let’s talk client/server, serverless, microservices, distributed, etc


    See some of our specific activity in this space in this UNspecified + Blockchain blog post.

    DevOps Consulting

    From AWS to GCP, docker to kubernetes, Jenkins to Travis, we have the skills and experience to walk you through setting up a full CI/CD pipeline that is scalable on demand.


    See some of our thoughts here: Developer Drive DevOps

    Blockchain Development

    From wallets to atomic swap, cryptocurrencies to multichain, we speak DAT language.


    Check out our sample project to store machine learning observations on a blockchain: Coval/UN ML Blockchain Sample

    Quality Coaching

    Drive quality into your process from the very beginning. Quality is not just about testing, and we can show you how to have a whole team approach.

    Regulation Compliance

    Our team has experience with the unique challenges of regulated industries, from fintech to FDA to ISO 9000.


    We work best in Node.js, Python, Solidity, Ruby, Java, .NET

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    2018年2月23日 · blockchain,testing
    This is the first in a four part blog series. Here are direct links to the other parts: Part 2: UNspecified's first partner: Coval:  http://www.unspecified.life/blog/unspecified-s-first-partner-coval Part 3: UNspecified Interviews Coval: http://www.unspecified.life/blog/unspecified-interviews...
    Blockchain. The buzz is everywhere. Just about every industry is scrambling to integrate something blockchain into their offerings. The whole world watched as the price of Bitcoin made an insane climb and everyone wanted in. We heard stories of ICOs raising hundreds of millions of dollars in days...
    2018年10月14日 · testing
    Hi there. Dawn here. Remember me? That crazy lady who changed her LEGAL NAME to Dawn Test Code? Who took flak about tying her name to her profession, and what if she changed professions?!?!? I spent most of my career as a champion for software testing and software testers. I have a BS in CS and...
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