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    Software Architecture, DevOps, Testing Strategy at superhero strength across blockchain and other emerging technologies.

  • About UNspecified

    At UNspecified, we believe that high quality software requires a full delivery pipeline. This includes frequent commits, automatic build triggers, automated testing at multiple levels, and push-button deploys, with feedback into the delivery process along the way.

    We believe in infrastructure-as-code and containers-as-build-steps. We believe in automation to accomplish tasks that should not be done manually, with almost constant, two-way information flow about the delivery process. For us, there is no other way to develop and deliver software.

    WHY? Time is money, and every minute that your employees are doing things that computers can do with higher quality, faster, is money that you are wasting.

    Looking at blockchain for your business? Our Emblem Vault platform provides plug-and-play integration and our team has second-to-none expertise.


    See some of our specific activity in this space in this UNspecified + Blockchain blog post.

  • Platform Architecture

    Our team has deep experience with modern app architecture and blockchain platform architecture and development. Let’s talk client/server, serverless, microservices, distributed, etc

    DevOps Consulting

    From AWS to GCP, docker to kubernetes, Jenkins to Travis, we have the skills and experience to walk you through setting up a full CI/CD pipeline that is scalable on demand.

    Blockchain Development

    From wallets to atomic swap, cryptocurrencies to multichain, we speak DAT language.

    Quality Coaching

    Drive quality into your process from the very beginning. Quality is not just about testing, and we can show you how to have a whole team approach.

    Regulation Compliance

    Our team has experience with the unique challenges of regulated industries, from fintech to FDA to ISO 9000.

  • Software Delivery. Supercharged

    Software delivery is about more than “just” coding, or testing, or DevOps. Delivering high quality software involves creating an efficient and intelligent delivery pipeline, combining tight feedback loops from solid code architecture, strong test strategies, and effective continuous integration and delivery systems.

    We clean up architecture, wrap tests around existing code, apply our "container-as-build-steps" automation to build a full delivery pipeline, and make the product available on the cloud, with full security and auditability. We empower you to deliver applications that are stable, robust, maintainable, and scalable.

  • DevOps and Testing. Saving the Day

    We know that every software company has a complex tech stack, often involving systems like GitHub for source code, Selenium for functional test automation, junit for unit tests, Jenkins for continuous integration, Jira for project management, and slack for communication. We know how to bring these systems together to create a delivery pipeline that runs automatically and constantly, provides tight and relevant feedback, increases quality, and improves everyone’s efficiency.


    See some of our thoughts here: Developer Driven DevOps

  • Blockchain. It's In Our DNA

    We have been in blockchain since before blockchain was cool. Over many years, we have seen blockchain mature and have ingrained the lessons learned along the way. This gives us the rare power to prevent your team from repeating mistakes already learned elsewhere in the industry.

    Our Emblem platform enables your team to integrate blockchain features without needing deep blockchain knowledge, with a simple set of APIs.​

  • Emblem

    Plug-and-Play blockchain

    Emblem is changing the game for blockchain and tokenization. By creating tools for creators, Emblem makes it easy to use digital assets, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies.


    Emblem Platform


    Emblem provides consumer and enterprise solutions to problems inherent to blockchain inter-operation, privacy, and scaling in an elegant and simple way. Emblem is a "bring your own" platform, allowing any cryptocurrency or blockchain to work seamlessly with other blockchain and non blockchain infrastructure. By allowing for swapping of digital assets which can be of completely different types and reside on separate blockchains in a nearly trustless way, and a drag and drop interface for connecting disconnected systems, the Emblem platform provides applications in the sharing and trust economies across industries.


    The possibilities are limitless!

  • Emblem Vault

    Fundable, Sendable, Tradable Digital Asset Vaults

    An Emblem Vault is the digital analog of a hardware wallet - a container that can hold any combination of different types of crypto assets - even an entire portfolio of digital assets. The Emblem platform is designed to be easy to use, taking the complexity out of obtaining, managing, and using cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

  • UNspecified News

    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations. Keep up with our progress!

    June 5, 2019 · blockchain,emblem,news
    The core Emblem Platform Services enable enterprises and creators to layer blockchain and...
    When you own an Emblem Vault (your address contains the NFT that represents the vault), you are...
    $COVAL and $FUEL FTW! Emblem is a dual token economy meant to drive value for all participants....
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